Toukon Challenge

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  • October 29, 2014
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Hot the heels of our announcement of the Polaris Invitational coming early in 2015 is the arrival of the Toukon Challenge.

Taking place on 23 November in Clapham, London, the event seems to be shaping up nicely with the announcement of the two black belt teams due to battle it out.

Euro Team
Reinaldo Ribeiro / Raphael Dos Santos / Luis Filipe Lopes / Matthew Callaghan / Pablo Cabo

Black Thursday Team
Luiz Tosta / Maxmiliano Oliveira Campos / Eduardo Goncalves / Rodolfo Nygaard / Marco Canha

The format is very interesting with each team assigning a number of 1 to 5 to each of their competitors without knowing who the other team are placing at each number. Number 1s will fight each other then the 2s etc all the way up to 5 with 1 point given to the winner of each bout.  The first team to acquire 3 points will be crowned champions so strategy will certainly play a key part and could lead to some exciting, unexpected match ups.

Added to this there will be a Brown Belt Grand Prix and the first round match ups have already been announced.


Fight 1: Ross Nicholls vs Jimmy Svensson
Fight 2: James Nardone vs Daan Westra
Fight 3: Viking Wong vs Nelson Teixeira
Fight 4 : Yusef Kaddur vs Sebastian Brosche

Want more?  How about Lucio ‘Lagarto’ Rodriguez taking on Jackson Souza in a 10 minute super fight.

Tickets go on sale 29 October 2014 and the event will also be available online via PPV.  Head over to their Facebook page for more info and announcements.