Roger Gracie Was Sick With Coronavirus – Says “it’s no Joke”

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  • April 14, 2020
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Roger Gracie

BJJ legend and former UFC middleweight Roger Gracie says he has recovered after contracting the Coronavirus. He warns of the devastating impact even against the young, fit and healthy.

He first contracted the virus in March and he had it for 10 days, for which he had to self isolate and was bedridden for most of it.

Speaking via Combate he tells of his ordeal –

I got the virus, I recovered two weeks ago. I was really bad in bed. It is good to speak, because many people have no idea exactly what it is, they think it will not be affected, that it will never reach him. I stayed in bed for ten days, with 40 degrees of fever and cough. I felt short of breath one day, thankfully it didn’t progress. I woke up at dawn with a racing heart, short of breath. I called the ambulance, even got into it. They did the tests, called the chief of medicine and thought it best for me to stay home.

It’s good for people to know that I got it. There are a lot of friends that I talked to, who thought I wouldn’t take it because I was healthy, young. A lot of people are dying. A friend of a friend in Italy was a marathon runner, was 35 years old and died. My teacher’s girlfriend’s cousin is 30 years old and is hospitalized. And there are thousands that we don’t know. It is necessary to raise awareness. The disease really affects the most fragile, the oldest, but also other people. You cannot neglect. It’s not a joke – said the world champion of jiu-jitsu.

He goes on to speak about the impact that it is having on his gym and employees.

I have 22 people working for me at the gym, counting all employees, teachers, receptionists … We transferred to the online classes, so it’s been working like this since it closed. If everyone cancels the monthly fee, there are 22 people without support. It is difficult, but I will continue to pay employees. It is a duty to them, who depend on it to survive. I can’t let you down. Most of the students stayed, but many left, which is understandable, because many people are losing their jobs.

It is a situation that no one has ever seen, no one has ever witnessed what is happening now. Not only us with the academy but commerce in general, business, the economy … Everyone will suffer, even when everything is reopened. If things remain closed, it will be a global crisis, because a lot of people depend on trade – explained the ex-champion of the One Championship, who lost the revenue with the numerous seminars he gives frequently.

I think that there will be many gyms impacted in the same way as RGA due to the Virus and that it will have a long-lasting impact on the growth of Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu worldwide.