Keenan Cornelius Joins Andre Galvao at Atos

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  • March 2, 2013
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It has just been confirmed that Keenan Cornelius and team mate JT Torres has joined Andre Galvao at Atos.

Andre Galvao has confirmed this via his facebook page.

he also confirmed this speaking to Gracie mag:

[quote_simple]We started to exchange messages then. Only today did we talk on the phone.

I didn’t ask him the details of all that happened, but I’m sure that it was something very serious for Keenan and the others to decide to leave. Once Team Lloyd Irvin was very strong and united.

He is also welcome here (JT Torres), Jordon Schultz and another fighter are also coming.

I’m still going to talk to them as soon as they arrive, but I already told him that we have our rules and they need to be followed. After all they went through, I want them here to look ahead and leave the past behind.

You can read the full interview at GracieMag