IBJJF London Open Results

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  • October 21, 2014
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This weekend saw the return of the IBJJF to the UK for the 2014 IBJJF London Open.

Run over 2 days, the event saw hundreds of competitors descend on the Crystal Palace
Sports Centre eager to do battle both within the gi and without. Watching from the sidelines
were hundreds more including Jiu Jitsu royalty in the ever imposing Roger Gracie and even Hollywood
gliteratti in the form of Godfather legend Robert Duvall.

The full list of results form both days can be found here:

Results 1

Results 2 

The event itself ran pretty smoothly and can be considered a success aside maybe from the
deafening glitches of the PA, chalk on a blackboard anyone? It’s on this note that I think
the IBJJF could do better.

As a spectator it is very hard to keep track on what is going on across 8 mats and keep up
to date with brackets as the days progress. While waiting for the purple belt masters light
final to begin I was lucky enough to catch Max Campos destroy his opponent in less than a minute.
I missed the rest of his fights amongst the chaos and flurry of activity across the mats.

It would be nice for those paying spectators to be given updates on the PA about when these higher
profile guys were stepping on the mat. Too much is missed amongst the competition frenzy throughout the
weight and belt categories. All we heard were bellowed instructions for the victors to collect their medals.

Aside from that everything went well and all seemed to enjoy the weekend. The venue chosen was pretty good
and provided a lot of amenities (especially the coffee – I’m sure we’ll all agree this is a must) and of course
the obligatory missing toilet seats were in full effect here.

There’s a few weeks break and then the English Open looms, expect a full review but until then keep training and please
if you go for a piss, wear footwear!