ADCC 2013 Not in Brazil. Will Now be in China or Abu Dhabi

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  • March 1, 2013
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Earlier today, we got a huge update on the ADCC 2013 that was supposed to take place in Sao Paulo Brazil. There has been some problems and that event can no longer take place there. The ADCC is now looking to host the event either in China or Abu Dhabi. Check out their details and press release below:

ADCC 2013 was supposed to take place in Sao Paulo Brazil but we have just found out it will no longer be there and now they will be taking the event to either China or Abu Dhabi.

ADCC Statement below.

[quote_simple]As many of you know ADCC will be holding another World Championship event this year. We were planning to return to one of our favorite venues. In 2001 ADCC left Abu Dhabi to circle the World, our first event was in Sao Paulo, Brazil. Brazil has the most ADCC Champions of any Country and the event in Sao Paulo was a great event that launched the ADCC career of many including Marcelo Garcia, Roger Gracie and Ronaldo “Jacare” Souza to name a few. The ADCC Committee took this under consideration and decided to pursue that City for this year’s event. Needless to say we were looking forward to returning to Sao Paulo for this year’s edition. Up to a few weeks ago it was our plan to hold the event in Sao Paulo City, in the state of Sao Paulo, Brazil. We had a complete sponsorship package from the City Mayor’s office approved and confirmed, however, recently, we were informed that the agreement has been revoked; therefore we are forced to change venues. Brazil has the strongest tradition in our sport and due to this very unfortunate turn of events we have to seek a different location for the ADCC 2013 event.

As of now we are deciding whether to hold ADCC World Championships in either Abu Dhabi or China. We are very excited with the possibilities that each place offers and are looking forward to another great edition of our event.

ADCC Committee[/quote_simple]