Ralek Gracie responds to Gary Tonons Metamoris Exclusivity Statement

Ralek Gracie one of the co founders of Metamoris has responded to Gary tonons statement regarding exclusivity with Metamoris.

Metamoris have offered gary 140k (I am assuming dollars) a year for what looks like 12 shows per year and with the option of earning additional money through clothing licencing, fight bonuses and additional sponsors.  Ralek says that Gary will still be able to compete at ADCC and IBJJF events but he would not be able to compete at some of the other well known events like Polaris, Copa Podio and the Eddie Bravo Invitational among others.

Speaking via the Metamoris Twitter page:

Regarding Gary Tonon/Exclusivity:

We offered Gary 140k/year with opportunities to compete up to 12 times/year in our new exclusive competition network along with options for ancillary revenue like clothing licensing, fight bonuses and additional sponsors.

I was clear in expressing that ADCC and IBJJF events are not excluded and he told me he still felt it would limited his ability to travel and gain “additional exposure”.

Gary is a stand-up guy and I have the utmost respect for him but he shouldn’t need to worry about these details while training so hard. Unfortunately, our industry still lacks seasoned managers and agents we find in other more established sports. In the mean time we will work to make the best deals we can with the best submission athletes. So far we feel pretty good about our efforts.

Ralek Gracie – Metamoris Founder


More to follow…

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