IBJJF rules update: no more advantages in the 50/50 guard and no jumping guard pulls for white belts

The IBJJF has just released its latest updated set of rules with the 2 most notable changes being that no advantages will be given for the 50/50 position and also no jumping guard pulls for white belts.

The new 50/50 rule (rule 5.8.4 in the rule book) states that no advantages will be given for sweeps that start and end in the 50/50 position, a game plan that has been utilised by some on the competition scene over the last few years. The aim of this is to make the fights more fluid and exciting to watch and to stop the fighter stalling and winning by advantages.

The new white belt guard pull rule (rule 6.4.23 in the rule book) states that it is now forbidden for a athlete to jump into closed guard while their opponent is still standing. If this happens then the referee will restart the fight from standing in the centre of the mat. The thought behind this is that it will make it safer for white belts with either the guy jumping to guard falling and hurting himself or the guy in the guard injuring his knees.

Is a jumping guard pull any more dangerous than a white belt attempting a take down or throw on their opponent that they might not know how to do properly or safely or their opponent not knowing how to break fall properly? I’m not so sure.

Jumping guard pulls are still allowed for blue belts and above.

You can see the latest set of IBJJF rules here



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