Gary Tonons Official Statement Regarding Exclusive Contract with Metamoris

Gary Tonon has released an official statement regarding Metamoris trying to sign him to an exclusive contract.

Late last night It was revealed that Gary would not be fighting at Metamoris 6 with the sole reason being that he had refused to sign the exclusive contract.

The contract would of only allow him to compete at IBJJF and ADCC tournaments and would not of allowed him to compete at any other events including the recent Eddie Bravo invitational where he won the welterweight title defeating Josh Hinger in the final via rear naked choke.

Speaking via his facebook page:

Dear fans,

There has been a lot of speculation about my participation, or lack thereof in Metamoris 6. I’d like to clear the air so that everyone understands the situation. I was asked to do Metamoris 6 competing against Joe Lauzon under the pretence that I would sign an EXCLUSIVE contract with Metamoris. In my Opinion this offer neither benefitted myself, nor Metamoris, nor the growth of our sport. Thus, I declined the offer. As to the specifics of the exclusivity I would’ve only been allowed to compete in IBBJF and ADCC tournaments.

There has also been speculation about other people signing exclusive contracts, it is confirmed to me that Dilon Danis has signed one. It has not been confirmed to me that Marcelo Mafra has signed one. As far as I know his lack of participation in EBI could be for any number of reasons.

I am sorry I am not able to perform for you on the Metamoris stage but I made my decision to the best of my judgement. If you take issue with me not being in the event I strongly encourage you to message/comment on Metamoris social channels, or email so they know how their fans feel.

No matter what I will continue to put on the most exciting fights I can. That my friends you can always count on.


Gary Tonon

Ocean County Brazilian Jiu Jitsu.

More on this to follow….

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