Copa Podio Middleweight Grand Prix 3rd Season

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  • October 24, 2014
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On 22 November 10 hungry middleweights will contest the grand pix in the 3rd season of the popular Brazilian league, with 9 warriors looking to dethrone current champion Felipe Pena.  The full line up has yet to be announced but the list so far is sure to see  some intriguing match ups.


1) Felipe Pena “Preguiça” (BRA)
2) Cláudio Calasans (BRA)
3) Luiz Panza (BRA)
4) Patrick Gaudio (BRA)
5) Diogo Moreno (BRA)
6) Jon Satava (USA) – presenting
7) Diego Borges (BRA)
8) Gregor Gracie (BRA)

The action does not end there with the following special match ups already announced.

Gianni Grippo (USA) vs João Miyao (BRA) – sub-only

Leando Lo (BRA) vs Gilbert Durinho (BRA) – sub-only

What time does the Copa Podio start? Well for viewers in the UK the action will begin at 10pm GMT, it will mist likely be a late one so perhaps plan to be late for work on the Monday.